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Health, Safety, Environment & Quality

Being a good employer we live up to our responsibility and commitment to ascertain healthy and safe working conditions for all personnel engaged in our operations.

The Tschudi Group will always try to limit their impact on the environment and is committed to deliver quality always on time. It is the company’s goal to ensure safety in ships operations, to ensure the safety of the crew and to avoid damage to property and the environment.

All owned and managed vessels are operated in such a way as to minimize Health and Safety risks of the crew and to protect the environment in accordance with international conventions and with national and flag state regulations. 

To achieve these goals a safety management system has been implemented. Applicable codes, guidelines and standards as recommended by administrations, classification societies and organizations within the maritime industry, will continuously be taken into account. 

Training, equipment and procedures are provided to minimize the impact to the environment during all operations, whether it be towage, offshore support, salvage or other operations.

Every employee ashore and onboard our vessels has to contribute to our goals as it is a team effort.

The Tschudi Offshore & Towage safety management system is certified by Bureau Veritas, including ISO 9001:2008.

The main objectives of the management system are to ensure:

  • Safety in operation

  • Pollution prevention 

  • Reliability and efficiency in operation 

  • Emergency preparedness

  • Create a safe working environment for our employees