ocean towage

As from its early days, ocean towage has always been one of Tschudi Offshore & Towage (TOT) core activities. Over the last fifteen years our tugs safely redelivered well over 500 tows and clients benefitted from the extensive experience of staff and crew onboard the tugs. The towed objects are varying from FPSO’s, FSU’s, VLCC’s, floating dry docks, semi submersible rigs, jack up rigs, damaged vessels, derrick/lay barges and barges loaded with offshore modules or jackets and dredging equipment.

TOT is operating globally and offering ocean towage services for the heaviest and largest floating objects. For high bollard pull requirements, TOT combines two (similar) units, delivering a bollard pull up totally 280 tons. This configuration also results in additional safety during the towage and flexibility during intermediate bunker stops.

The large fuel capacity of the AHTS’s in combination with fuel transfer systems, make the vessels particularly suitable for long distance rig tows, with or without propulsion assistance. All towages are closely monitored by the office staff which includes all the necessary core competencies on operations, technical and SHE-Q able to support the tug masters before and during the project. A well documented towage manual and weather routing enables the tug master to react promptly and efficiently to any possible hazards to tow or tug. Regular inspections of our vessels by marine warranty surveyors guarantee highest industry standards.

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